A commitment to innovation and sustainability

Think of us as your electronic architect. We provide design and engineering services to make sure your home does what you want; how, when, and where you want it. Then our installation team goes to work to make sure those plans happen. We urge all our clients to embrace technology in order to make their lives simpler and more convenient; to entertain your friends and family in your own home; and to safeguard your loved ones and valuables. Let us help you design a system for both your lifestyle and your budget. No matter what your desire, there’s a means to make any dream a reality.

A passion for creating spaces

Ampla Apex, Inc. is STILL the ONLY company in WNC that is an UNLIMITED-classification licensed electrical contractor, a licensed security contractor, and an authorized dealer for all control systems we offer. All other companies do not have either:

  1. A high-voltage electrical contractors license (which means they cannot legally install lighting control systems, power conditioning systems, surge suppression systems, powerline carrier systems, or anything else that requires a hard-wired electrical connection) or 
  2. A security contractors license (which means they cannot install burglary alarm systems, fire alarm systems, CCTV monitoring systems, or anything else that reports to a monitoring company) or
  3. Are not factory-authorized dealers (which means they might somehow be able to get products- thank you internet- but cannot provide warranty support which is critically important)

Some companies will subcontract those services but look out when there is a problem. There will be finger-pointing and head-scratching, not to mention coordination times, etc. Ampla Apex performs all services in-house. We coordinate all details of the installation including specification, submittals, scheduling, equipment procurement, staging, testing, calibration, certification (if required), and commissioning. If you or your builder ever need anything during the construction process, you have one call to make not three or more.

Structured Wiring

If framing is the skeleton of new homes, then Structured Wiring is the nervous system. CAT5e, 6 and even fiber optic, as well as RG6 quad, and specialized analog and digital cabling sends signals throughout the house.

Home Automation

A home’s brain would be the automation or control system. We offer several systems to meet your desires and your budget.

Home Theater

Many desire a room dedicated to a theater environment right in the own home. Ampla Apex employs designers that have been taught by recognized industry leaders.

Distributed Audio and Video

If you are a music lover, or your enjoy video-on-demand, consider a distributed audio and /or video system.

Lighting Control

Few systems are more beloved in large homes that the lighting control system.

Climate Control

Control of the Heating and Cooling system has never been more seamless.

An array of resources

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from homeowners to commercial developers.


  • Smoke and motion detectors
  • High-Security Gate Systems
  • CCTV and Bio-Recognition Systems


  • Architectural-Grade Keypads
  • Utilize Existing Speakers in Various Rooms
  • Crystal-Clear, Full-Color Video

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